Eldon"Mr. Whizard" Spigmatti

(the "h" stands for HTML)

HTML Tips for PROS!!!!!

check this box for HTML fun

The goal of web desing is too have the best design possible with the best tools available. Here at WebTek we use a proprietary sytem to creat web pages but you can try the same things with whatever you want.

I Will try tokeep it simple, sometime us old pros tend to talk too "techie".


Lesson 1.)I always try new and innovative things

 Get there attention with tables!!!!!!  

 OOOOhhh!! Baby!!    

Don't be afraid to try new and cool hTML tricks! See how many "cells" you can make!!!!


Lastly here is a simple rhyme that will help when your are designing: IF IT DOESN'T FIT -RESIZE IT!!